Author: Philip Howson

Consultation and Decision Making on Partial Joint Council

Dear friends

You may remember that the parishes of West and South Leightonstone have been working together to find out how to grow our ministry to younger generations. That process has concluded and I am inviting our Annual Parochial Church Meetings to make a decision.

Each parish within West and South Leightonstone is being asked whether to create a “Partial Joint Council”. You will find a full explanation of what this is, and what it means in this document here: Consultation document on the Proposal on the Creation of a Partial Joint Council.

In simple terms it is the creation of a parallel Parochial Church Council which will focus on ministry and mission to younger generations. It will also be the employer of a Children and Families Minister, who will then be recruited if the Joint Council is created.

The consultation document above explains the content and intention of a rather more formal document which will then wend its way up to Bishop’s Council, who have to ratify the proposal. If you want to read the legal documentation, you can find it here: joint council declaration.

Please do give this your consideration, and if you have any questions, please do get in contact with  me on 07946 206586 or via email:

With fond regards

Revd Philip Howson

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