Author: Philip Howson

What really is a Christian?

We’re having a think today about what it really means to be a Christian.

Is it about being a “good” person?  Maybe.

Is it about believing in Jesus?  Kind of.

Is it about going to church?  Well, only if going to the cinema makes you a movie.

I’m not persuaded we actually know what “makes” us a christian, so I thought I’d outline the key meaning.


Consultation on re starting church

We now have permission from the Government to re-start church services.  Before we do that, we have some questions we want you to think about.

Would you please either have a listen to today’s talk, discuss it with anyone who wants to, and let me or members of the ministry team know what you think.  It would be helpful if you could share your views within the next week or so.

You can also download the letter to share with anyone who doesn’t have the internet or to make notes on:  letter to the benefice end of lockdown

With thanks,

Revd Philip