Baptism is our chance to begin our life’s journey with God.  In baptism we say “yes” to the love and call of God on our lives.

Whether for yourself or for a child in your care, it is a serious commitment that we share as the family of God.

Finding out More

The Church of England has excellent resources to help you think through baptism – whether for yourself or a child in your care.  Take a look here if you are a parent, or look here if you are old enough to make the decision for yourself.

Applying as an Adult

If you want to be baptised as an adult – where you are making the choice for yourself – please complete this form and email it to the Rector: Application for Adult Baptism

We will then get together to help you understand more about baptism and what it means before we commit to a date.

Applying for your Child or Children

If you want your child to be baptised, you need to complete this form: Application for Child Baptism

If you want your child to be baptised you will need to nominate god-parents to share with you in the vows you make, you can find out what you need to know here. 

Contact us

If you want to send a form, or chat things through with the Rector, his contact details are: