Church Services

There is a rich supply of services and daily thoughts and prayer on the South Leightonstone YouTube pages.  Why not join us there?  If you subscribe and use the notifications bell you’ll be told when we upload a new service.

The service dates, times and location are below.

Services in November 2020

Sunday 1st November

9:30.  Covington.  Parish Communion. (Revd Philip Howson)

9:30.  Spaldwick.  Morning Worship.  (Jill Dighton)

10:45.  Kimbolton.  All Souls Service. (Revd Philip Howson)

14:00.  Kimbolton.  Remembrance Service filming.  Invitee only. (Revd Philip Howson and Revd Pamela Soult)

15:00.  Stow Longa.  Evensong.  (Warden led)

Wednesday 4th November

10:30.  Kimbolton.  Holy Communion. (Revd Philip Howson)

Sunday 8th November (Remembrance Sunday)

9:30.  Tilbrook.  Remembrance Service.  (Warden led)

9:30.  Bicton Airfield Memorial. Remembrance Service. (Revd Philip Howson)

10:45.  Spaldwick Memorial. Remembrance Service.(Revd Pamela Soult)

10:45.  Stow Longa Memorial. Remembrance Service.(Revd John Rawlinson)

10:45.  Kimbolton. Remembrance Service. (Details to be confirmed). (Revd Philip Howson)

18:00.  Easton.  Remembrance Service.  (Revd Philip Howson)

Wednesday 11th November (Remembrance)

10:00.  Kimbolton.  Holy Communion.  (Revd Pamela Soult)

10:45.  Kimbolton Memorial.  Service of Remembrance.  (Revd Philip Howson)

Sunday 15th November

9:30.  Covington.  Morning Worship.  (Warden led)

9:30.  Stow Longa.  Family Communion. (Revd Philip Howson)

10:45.  Kimbolton.  Matins.  (Revd Ron Lancaster)

11:00.  Barham.  Parish Communion. (Revd Philip Howson)

Wednesday 18th November

10:30.  Kimbolton.  Holy Communion. (Revd Philip Howson)

Sunday 22nd November (Christ the King)

9:30.  Tilbrook.  Parish Communion. (Revd Philip Howson)

9:30.  Easton.  Morning Worship.  (Warden Led)

10:45.  Kimbolton.  Parish Communion. (Revd Philip Howson)

16:00.  Spaldwick.  Family Worship.  (Revd Philip Howson and Jill Dighton)

18:00.  Kimbolton.  Evensong.  (Revd Pamela Soult)

Wednesday 25th November

10:30.  Kimbolton. Holy Communion. (Revd Philip Howson)

Sunday 29th November (Advent week 1)

Online Service.  Join us for a Benefice Advent Service at the South Leightonstone YouTube channel.