Church Services

Coronavirus Management

With the change in rules from the Government, we have decided on some simple rules to keep each other safe. These are:

When indoors:

  • Keep your distance, and don’t assume others feel confident or safe
  • Wear a mask when moving or singing
  • Sanitise your hands coming in and going out
  • Don’t hang around indoors

If you’re not comfortable attending services in church, remember the South Leightonstone YouTube pages where there is a rich supply of services and daily thoughts and prayer.  Why not join us there?  If you subscribe and use the notifications bell you’ll be told when we upload a new service.

Services for November 2021

Wednesday 10th November

10:30.  Kimbolton.  Holy Communion

Thursday 11th November

10:45.  Kimbolton Memorial.  Remembrance service

10:45.  Tilbrook outdoors.  Remembrance service


9:30.  Tilbrook.

9:30.  Bicton Airfield memorial

10:30.  Kimbolton.  Parade and Service

10:45.  Spaldwick Memorial

10:45.  Stow Longa Memorial

18:00.  Easton Memorial Service

Wednesday 17th November

10:30.  Kimbolton.  Holy Communion

Sunday 21st November

9:30.  Stow Longa.  Holy Communion

9:30.  Spaldwick.  Parish Communion

10:45.  Kimbolton.  Matins

11:00.  Barham.  Parish Communion

16:00.  Covington.  Children’s Service

Wednesday 24th November

10:30.  Kimbolton.  Holy Communion

Sunday 28th November

9:30.  Tilbrook.  Parish Communion

9:30.  Easton.  Morning Worship

10:45.  Kimbolton.  Family Communion

15:00.  Kimbolton.  Evensong

Wednesday 1st December

10:30.  Kimbolton.  Holy Communion

Services in December 2021

Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th December

Christmas Tree festival.  Kimbolton.

Sunday 5th December

9:30. Covington.  Parish Communion

9:30. Spaldwick.  Morning Worship

1045.  Great Staughton.  Parish Communion for St Andrew’s Day.

15:00.  Stow Longa.  Evensong

Wednesday 8th December

10:30.  Kimbolton.  Holy Communion

Sunday 12th December

9:30.  Tilbrook.  Family Service.

9:30.  Easton.  Parish Communion

10:45.  Kimbolton.  Christingle Service

Monday 13th December

18:45.  Kimbolton.  Kimbolton School Boarder’s Chapel carol singing.

Wednesday 15th December

10:30.  Kimbolton.  Holy Communion

Thursday 16th December

14:00.  Kimbolton.  Prep School Carols

Friday 17th December

19:00.  Kimbolton.  Handel’s Messiah performed by the Hanover Band.  For tickets go to:

19:00.  Barham.  Carols

Saturday 18th December

12:00.  Tilbrook.  Decorating the tree

17:00.  Tilbrook.  Christingle/Crib service.

Sunday 19th December

9:30.  Spaldwick.  Parish Communion

10:45.  Kimbolton.  Matins

15:00.  Stow Longa.  Carols

16:30.  Covington.  Carols

18:00.  Easton.  Carols

18:00.  Kimbolton.  Nine Lessons and Carols

Tuesday 21st December

16:00.  Spaldwick.  Carol Party

Wednesday 22nd December

10:30.  Kimbolton.  Holy Communion

Friday 24th December.  Christmas Eve

16:00.  Spaldwick.  Crib Service

16:00.  Kimbolton.  Crib Service

20:00.  The White Horse at Tilbrook.  Beer and Carols

23:30.  Kimbolton.  Midnight Mass

23:30.  Spaldwick.  Midnight Mass

Saturday 25th December.  Christmas Day

9:30.  Easton.  Holy Communion

9:30.  Covington.  Holy Communion

10:00.  Stow Longa.  Iona Communion

10:45.  Kimbolton.  Family Communion

Sunday 26th December.  Boxing Day

9:30.  Tilbrook.  Parish Communion