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We are inviting you to make your church what it ought to be, because you are part of it.

A local church is the sum of its people, and in the end a local church is only successful when we move from connecting, to belonging, to contributing.

We believe the place of God is right here, right now; and his passion and love is for your home, your life, and your community.

We are convinced that God wants to weave that love into every thread of your life – and that includes the church in the place where you live.

And so we believe local church matters – and your forebears who lived through the last 800 or so years a church has stood in your village probably agreed.

So why not explore your contribution to your church?  You just might be joining in God’s great plan for your world.

As ever, get in contact with anyone on the ministry team or a church warden to explore this.