The Ignatian Way

St Ignatias of Loyola developed a series of guided, prayerful practices that help us draw close to God and develop a living relationship with the Bible.

You can read more about him and the spiritual practices he pioneered here.

In this series of videos Revd Pamela will guide you through your own prayerful reflections on scripture as you join together in “The Ignatian Way”.  If you want to find out more or discuss with her email her at

Before you start the course, take a look at the accompanying materials, which you can find here in a download file.

  1. Introduction.  Pamela helps us with an outline to what we are doing.  Click here for the video.

  2. Session 2:  Isaiah 43:1-4. Click here for the video.

  3. Session 3:  Psalm 139. Click here for the video.

  4. Session 4:  Isaiah 49: 14-16. Click here for the video.

  5. Session 5:  Luke 11:1-13. Click here for the video.

  6. Session 6:  Matthew 14: 22-33. Click here for the video.

  7. Session 7:  The Examen