Lent 2021: the Commands of Christ

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For this year’s Lent we are preparing by focussing on the Commands of Christ.

For each week, starting on the 22nd February, we will reflect on the following commands:

Week 1: Follow me and I will make you …

Week 2: Love God, Love your Neighbour

Week 3: This is how you should pray

Go to 12 mins 56 seconds for the talk for this week:

Week 4: Go into all the world

Week 5: Take, Eat. Drink this.

You will find the study materials here:  Lent Reflections 2021

You are welcome to use the materials for private reflection, or you could join one of our groups.  These will be on Zoom on Monday evenings (8 p.m.), Wednesday afternoons (2 p.m.) or Wednesday evenings (7:30 p.m.).

If you want to join a group, or are having trouble printing the booklet, please contact Revd Philip on 01480 869081 or by email: revphiliphowson@icloud.com