We love weddings, and we love sharing in this special time with you.  If you want to know more you can check out the Church of England’s website.

Where can I marry?

Most people like to marry in a church that is special to them – you might have been baptised there, or it was your family church.  In some cases a local church is just a beautiful place, or a helpful location because it’s close to the reception venue.  Thankfully, within reasonable rules – which you can find here – the church is quite flexible.

Applying for a Wedding

If you want to marry in any of our churches, please complete this form:  enquiry form for Marriage and send it to the Benefice Administrator.  She will then laise with the Rector and work with you to arrange the ceremony.

Planning the Ceremony

One of the fun things you can do is start to plan the ceremony.  Check out this planning tool to give you a head start.

Please contact the Benefice Administrator as below: